Planning a trip to London? If you’re a Tudor enthusiast, there are several Tudor hotspots in or near London that you should plan on visiting. Here are some of the top Tudor attractions in or near London, that are rich in Tudor history:

1. Westminster Abbey

Built around 970 AD, coronation of English monarchy have been held in the Abbey since King Harold’s in 1066. King Edward’s throne has been used since 1366 to seat sovereigns at the moment of coronation, including King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. Most royal monarchs, including Elizabeth I, Mary I, and Anne of Cleves, are buried here.

Westminster Abbey


2. Hampton Court Palace

Built by Cardinal Woolsey in 1514, King Henry VIII’s used this palace to impress. His heir Edward VI was born here in 1553, and his queen Jane Seymour died here 2 weeks later. Henry learned of his 5th wife, Catherine Howard’s, adultery here. She was dragged away screaming, from a gallery leading to the chapel. Her ghost is said to haunt the gallery to this day.

Hampton Court Palace


3. St. James Palace

One of London’s oldest palaces, it was commissioned by Henry VIII on the site of a former leper hospital. His daughter, Queen Mary I, died in this palace, and her heart is buried in the chapel. Queen Elizabeth I is also said to have spent the night here while waiting for the Spanish Armada to sail upon the channel in 1588.

St. James Palace


4. Tower of London

Once used as a palace, the Tower is most infamously known as a prison. Since it was built in 1066, many famous executions have taken place here, including the beheading of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s 2nd wife, Catherine Howard, his 5th wife, and Lady Jane Grey, Queen of Nine Days. Elizabeth I was also held prisoner here by her sister Mary I.

Tower of London


5. Windsor Castle

King Henry VIII is buried at Windsor alongside his favorite wife, Jane Seymour. His daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, spent much of her time here, regarding it the safest place in her realm. When the Black Death struck London, Elizabeth and her court escaped to Windsor and ordered anyone else visiting from London to be executed at the gallows.

Windsor Castle


6. Palace of Whitehall

This palace was the main residence of English monarchs in London during the Tudor Dynasty. Henry VIII married two of his wives here – Anne Boleyn in 1533 and Jane Seymour in 1536. Henry died here in in 1547. Due to a fire in 1698, the only remaining structures include the Banqueting House and the tennis courts from the time of Henry VIII.

Palace of Whitehall


What is your favorite Tudor attraction in or near London?

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