Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves London Sites

Anne of Cleves was the 4th wife of King Henry VIII, and a German noblewoman. Her marriage to Henry was very short-lived; he decided to marry her based on a portrait delivered to him which depicted her as very beautiful.

Upon meeting Anne, Henry decided that the portrait was not true to life, and claimed that she had an unpleasant odor about her. Anne agreed to annul the marriage, and aftwards she and the king became very good friends. King Henry considered Anne a sister for the rest of his life. She was the  last of King Henry’s wives to die, outliving his last wife Catherine Parr by 9 years.

Anne of Cleves Attractions in London

Hever Castle

After their annulment, King Henry gave Anne Hever Castle, Anne Boleyn’s childhood home. Anne spent much of the remainder of her life at Hever.

Photo credit: Source: Time Travel Britain

Hever Castle

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