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Queen Catherine Parr was Henry VIII‘s sixth and final wife, and was the only one of his wives except for Anne of Cleves to outlive him. Catherine had very good relationships with all three of Henry’s children, and was responsible for reconciling the future Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth with their father, which put allowed Mary to overthrow Lady Jane Grey and rightfully claim the throne.

Catherine Parr remarried to Thomas Seymour only six months after Henry’s death, and it was very scandalous to marry such a short time after the mourning period ended. She quickly became pregnant, and during her pregnancy Thomas Seymour had a flirtation (and possible affair) with Elizabeth I. Catherine and died shortly after childbirth. There is a theory that Thomas poisoned Catherine in order to carry out his plan to marry Elizabeth. He was beheaded for treason months later.

Catherine Parr Attractions in London

Sudeley Castle (Gloucestershire)

Catherine lived at Sudeley castle following the death of King Henry. She quickly remarried to Thomas Seymour, and gave birth to a baby girl named Mary at the castle. She died only six days later, and was buried at the castle. Her grave was discovered in 1728 after the British Civil War had partially destroyed the castle.

Photo credit: Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle

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