King Edward VI

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Edward was the only son and heir of King Henry VIII. His mother Queen Jane Seymour died from complications of his birth. He became king upon his father’s death at only nine years old.

Edward was not a healthy child, and in 1553 he got a fever and cough that gradually worsened. As his health deteriorated, Edward attempted to name Lady Jane Grey his heir to prevent his sister Mary I from taking the throne. Although the cause of his death is not known, he died that same year at only 16 years old. Jane Grey was only queen for nine days, and Mary had her beheaded for treason.

King Edward VI Attractions in London

Hampton Court Palace

Edward was born in his mother Jane Seymour’s room in Hampton Court Palace in 1537. He was christened three days later in the palace, with his sisters Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth present at the ceremony.

Photo credit: Hampton Court Palace Courtyard

Hampton Court Palace Courtyard

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