Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace Tours

Built by Cardinal Woolsey in 1514, King Henry VIII used this palace to impress. His heir Edward VI was born here in 1553, and his queen Jane Seymour died here 2 weeks later.

If visiting, Hampton Court is 13 miles outside of London. Allow a half a day for Hampton court, allowing for exploration, lunch, and travel times.

Significant Tudor Events at Hampton Court Palace

King Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace

  • Henry spent three of his honeymoons at Hampton Court palace.
  • Henry discovered at Hampton Court Palace that his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, had committed adultery. After being charged with treason and ordered to stay in her rooms, Catherine escaped from her guards and ran to the chapel where Henry was at Mass. She banged on the doors and screamed Henry’s name, only to be captured by the guards and locked up in her room. She never saw Henry again, and was later beheaded at the Tower of London. Her ghost is said to reenact this scene in the Haunted Gallery to this day.
  • Henry married his sixth and final wife Catherine Parr near the Chapel Royal.


Jane Seymour and Edward VI at Hampton Court Palace

  • Jane Seymour gave birth to Edward VI in her room in 1537
  • Edward VI was baptized in the Chapel Royal
  • Jane died in her room two weeks later due to childbirth complications

Chapel Royal WindowsChapel Royal Windows

Queen Mary I at Hampton Court Palace

  • Mary Tudor spent her honeymoon with Philip I at Hampton Court Palace
London Underground

How to Get to Hampton Court Palace

  • Take the Northern, Jubilee, Bakerloo, or Waterloo & City Line to Southwest Train
  • Take Southwest Train to Hampton Court


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