Queen Katherine of Aragon

Katherine of Aragon London Sites

Katherine of Aragon is most famous for being ditched by her husband King Henry VIII for Anne Boleyn. She only had one living daughter, Mary I, and many miscarriages that made her unable to provide her husband with an heir to his throne. Frustrated by the lack of a son, and tempted by Anne Boleyn for years, Henry demanded a divorce, which Katherine refused.

Her unwilling divorce from Henry is what broke England from the church of Rome. However, she was also popular at the time for gaining the love of the English people, even after her divorce from King Henry. Her daughter, Mary I, would later harbor resentment toward Anne’s daughter Elizabeth.

Katherine of Aragon Attractions in London

Westminster Abbey

King Henry VIII and Katherine were crowned together at Westminster Abbey on June 24, 1509. Katherine sat on a lower chair than Henry on his coronation chair.

Photo credit: Westminster Abbey at Night

Westminster Abbey at Night

Kimbolton Castle

After Henry successfully divorced Katherine but she refused to give up her status as Queen, he sent her to live at Kimbolton Castle, where she lived out her final years. She became sick because of the harsh climate and died after two years. According to legend, Katherine haunts the castle, which is now used as a school.

Photo credit: kinokinos on Flickr

Kimbolton Castle

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