Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I is one of the most famous and popular sovereign in the history of the British monarchy. She is the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and was only two when her mother was executed at the Tower of London. By the time of her half-sister’s reign, Queen Mary I suspected Elizabeth of conspiring to overthrow her, so Elizabeth was held prisoner for several months at the Tower of London where her cousin Lady Jane Grey had recently been beheaded. This terrified Elizabeth, who persistently protested her innocence to Mary.

Although Mary continued to keep a watchful eye on Elizabeth after releasing her from the Tower, she recognized Elizabeth her heir several days before her death. Elizabeth became queen at 25 years old and never married, so is often referred to as the Virgin Queen. Elizabeth reigned for 44 years, and led England through its Golden Age.

Queen Elizabeth I Attractions in London

Hampton Court Palace

After her father’s death, Elizabeth was held under guard in the Water Gallery on the order of her sister, Queen Mary I, who suspected Elizabeth of being involved in a plot to usurp the throne. When Elizabeth became Queen, she entertained guests here and enjoyed gardening in the beautiful grounds.

Photo credit: Hampton Court Palace Grounds

Greenwich Palace London

Sudeley Castle (Gloucestershire)

Elizabeth lived at Sudeley Castle during her teenage years, along with King Henry’s last wife Catherine Parr and her cousin Lady Jane Grey.

Photo credit: Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle

Westminster Abbey

Queen Elizabeth’s tomb is in Westminster Abbey, and was created in her image. Her sister Queen Mary I is buried in a coffin below hers in the same tomb.

Photo credit: Queen Elizabeth I’s Tomb

Queen Elizabeth I's Tomb at Westminster Abbey

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