St. James Palace

St. James Palace Tours

St. James Palace is one of London’s oldest palaces, and was commissioned by King Henry VIII. It was constructed in the same red-brick Tudor style as can be seen in Hampton Court Palace. Although the British Monarchy has not resided there in two centuries, it is still the official Royal Court.

While you won’t be able to see the interior of St. James Palace (it’s not open to the public), you can still walk  by and see the guards outside.

The Tudors at St. James Palace

Queen Mary I

Mary died at St. James Palace on November 17th, 1558. Mary’s heart and bowels are buried in the palace’s Chapel, and the rest of her is buried at Westminster Abbey. So that’s pretty disturbing.

Photo source: The Queen’s Chapel, St. James Palace

The Queen’s Chapel, St. James Palace

Anne Boleyn

King Henry VIII’s second wife Anne Boleyn stayed at St. James palace the night after her coronation ceremony.

Photo credit: Queen’s Chapel, St. James Palace

Queen’s Chapel, St. James Palace
London Undergound

How to get to St. James Palace

Take the Piccadilly Line, Victoria Line, or Jubilee Line and get off the train at Green Park

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